”The purpose of music is to understand better: To evolve and expand  our inner world. Legends of many peoples deem music to be of  divine origin; thus, when we have reached the boundaries of human understanding, music points beyond, into a world that cannot be explored but merely guessed at." Zoltan Kodaly

To beginner, intermediate or advanced I offer guidance for a fresh approach to the practice of violin and voice. Trained in one of the best schools of music I have learned how to be efficient in my practice and to solve problems that are in the way of enjoying playing and performing.

Along with technique and musicality I teach body awareness for preventing and healing injuries related to the practice of the violin. I also set goals with the student and help them organize their daily practice.

  • Classical repertoire, folk, klezmer and improvisation. 

  • Building the principles of daily practice, solid technique and developing a creative approach to the studies of music as a whole

  • Providing high organizational skills and planning:

    • Daily practice organization • Weekly, monthly and year goals • Clear intentions

  • Preparation for concerts, gigs, recitals and performances

  • Holistic approach to teaching music with emphasis on body awareness to avoid injuries through:

    • • Alexander technique • Yoga • correction of posture

  • Encouraging improvisation and composition as a way to free self expression

Price for individual lesson at my home in New Haven: 

30m - 35$

60m - 60$

Price at your place: 

30m - 40$

60m - 65$

Price for group lesson in chamber music, voice, violin or improvisation: 

45m - 25$ each student 

75m - 38$

Price at your place for each student: 

30m - 28$

60m - 42$

For booking a lesson or for questions call 203 715-9818  or email marie.comuzzo@gmail.com

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays afternoon I teach at the Connecticut Band Music school in Stratford, CT where on top of receiving lessons in a wonderful space you can rend instruments. 

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PHOTO: Andy Weigl, Emiliano Sacchetti