•January 17th 2019 • Weill Room at Carnegie Hall NYC • New York Chamber Players


Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart

Romanze in F major for Viola and String Orch. by Bruch 

Suite Italienne for Cello and Piano by Stravinsky

Chaconne for Violin and String Orch. by Vitali

Gypsy Air for Violin and String Orch by Sarasate 


September 6th 2018 • Santa Cruz,CA • Interview at KZSC •


Guest Artist at Transformational Highways by John Malkin


July 22nd 2018 • Providance, RI • Solo Violin Recital •


Chaccone by Bach

Sonata no.2 by Hindemith

Sonata op. 115 by Prokofiev

Sacred Songs of the popular tradition 

July 15en 2018 • First Unitarian Church in Providance, RI • Dharma music •


Music by Bach and Sacred songs of the popular tradition 

•June 23rd 2018 • Hammond Museum in Salem, NY • Art Exhibition •


Music by Bach, Hindemith and Prokofiev for violin solo 

Music of the popular tradition and free improvisation for violin and drum with Billy Fischer 

•April 29th 2018 • Boston Conservatory at Berklee, MA • Solo Recital •


Sonata no.3 in C major by Bach

Sonata op. 115 by Prokofiev

Sonata no.2 by Hindemith

Capriccio by Cervellò 

Capriccio by Bacewitz 

•April 20th 2018 • Boston Conservatory at Berklee, MA • Chamber Orchestra* • 


Gli Uccelli by Respighi

Symphony No. 39 by Mozart 

Piano Concerto No. 20, K. 466 by Mozart


Bruce Hangen, conductor

Johnathan Bass, soloist 

*served as concertmaster

•April 15th 2018 • Boston Conservatory at Berklee, MA • Chamber Music Concert •


Songs from the Levertov Stories for violin, voice and marimba

Marie Comuzzo, violin

Mahoko Taniguchi, voice

Mio Fujimoto, marimba

•April 8th 2018 • Sanders Theater in Boston, Ma • Boston Conservatory Orchestra* •


Radiant Circles by Thomas

Daphnis et Chloe Suite 2 by Ravel

3 Dance Episodes from On the Town by Bernstein

Piano Concerto in A Minor by Schumann

Yushan Bai, Soloist 

Ken-David Masur, conductor

*served as principal second

•December 6th 2017 • Old South Cathedral in Boston, Ma • Boston Conservatory Chorale*•


Messiah by Hander

Stabat Mater by Pergolesi


George Case and Nathan Reiff, conductors

*served as principal second

•November 5th 2017 • Sanders Theater in Boston, Ma • Boston Conservatory Orchestra*•

Symphony no. 5 by Mahler

Bruce Hangen, Conductor

*served as assistant concertmaster 

•April 21st 2016 • Seully Hall, Boston Conservatory, Ma • Honor Chamber Concert •


Piano trio no.4 in c minor, op.85, III by Salomon Jadassohn 
Adagio sostenuto (Marc Yi Liu, piano ; Marie Comuzzo, violin ; Alexander Ullman, cello)  


•April 17th 2016 • Boston Conservatory, Ma • Composers Recital Series by Daniel Choi•

 ...like a breeze gently stirring the trees... (Marie Comuzzo, violin ; Rebecca Miller, viola)

Gemutlich. La notte (Katherine Beckvold, Alyssa Hensel, Anna Willson, Isabelle Zeledón, female voices ; Marie Comuzzo, speaking violin ; Rebecca Miller, speaking viola ; Marc Hoffeditz, conductor)

•April 16th 2016 • Boston Conservatory, Ma • Composers Recital Series by Meyer Brown•

No/where Now/here  (Kaegen Gregory, flute ; Bradley Frizzell, Emily Liang, clarinet ; Nicole DeMaio, bass clarinet ; Emma Staudacher, Jason Ford, horn ; Kevin Downing, Kevin Chen, trombone ; Haley Leach, Izumi Hoshino, Marie Comuzzo, violin ; Rebecca Miller, Mariya Ksondzyk, Alexandria Wendling, viola ; Luke Morrissey, Sara Cook, cello ; Justin Cheeseman, double bass ; Marc Hoffeditz, conductor).

•April 2016 • Boston Conservatory at Berklee • Double bass recital

Paris skies (John Krause, Marie Comuzzo, violin)

April 8th 2016 •  Boston Conservatory Theater, Ma • New music festival •

Piccolo studio by Donald Martino  (Philipp A. Stäudlin, alto saxophone)

Quintet for horn and strings by Schuller (Dillon Robb and Marie Comuzzo, violin ; Carly Scena, viola ; Nathaniel Taylor, cello; Emily Wiebe, french horn)

Quodlibets 2 by Donald Martino(Sarah Brady, flute)

Black angels by George Crumb. (Gabriela Diaz and Lilit Hartunian, violin; Sam Kelder, viola; Rafael Popper-Keiser, cello)

•March 10th 2016 • Boston Conservatory at Berklee • Composer's Chamber Orchestra •

Myst by Alan Mackwell

Ruby's sapphire beach by Greg Nahabedian

Trusting the unknown by Blake Pilger

Sinfonietta by Henry Parcell

American kill joy: an experiment in reaction, parody and appropriation by Lucas Ranieri

Lothario by Cody McVey

Programme music: the hope by Bo Mi Kim.

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PHOTO: Andy Weigl, Emiliano Sacchetti