Listen to my newest updates about my musical life and my improvised life style!

My life long dedication to the violin has brought me to perform in all sorts of venues such as theaters, halls, weddings, private ceremonies, parties, orchestra tours, nursing homes, opera houses, parks, churches and castles;  both in the USA and in Europe. 


In 2018 I graduated from The Boston Conservatory at 

Berklee after completing a Performing degree where

I was selected to perform for Honor Chamber Concerts,

to be Concertmaster of the orchestra and to play for

guest artist offering masterclasses. 

Each performance is special to me and is thoughtfully prepared and discussed previously in order to carve an 

event that suits you. 

Polish Capriccio • Grazyna Bacewicz

Video credit: Kim Busic

Free improvisation

Video credit: Kim Busic

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