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Starting violin at the age of 4 Marie pursued her dream of becoming a professional violinist through perseverance and discipline. She began her studies with the Suzuki method in Bologna, Italy in 1998 followed by attending a Guido Reni music middle school where she was serving as concertmaster and soloist for the youth orchestra in venues such as Teatro Comunale di Bologna and Teatro Manzoni. At age 12 she won her first competition in the “duo” category at the “Genova Centurione Competition” followed by the admission at the Conservatory Arrigo Boito in Parma, Italy. There under the guidance of Luca Fanfoni, Luigi Mazza, Giacomo Fornaciari, and William Bignami she completed her Master in Music in Violin.  

Her years at the conservatory in Parma allowed her to pursue an intensive study of harmony, chamber music, choir and violin performance. At age 14 she had her first experience with the symphonic repertoire at EYMW holding concerts both in England and Germany for the following 2 years, followed by participating at the ECCF in New Haven, CT in 2009 and 2010. 


In 2012 Marie toured in eastern Europe with the Posticum Iuventutis Internationalis Orchestra in the context of the project Cursus Antique Musicae, performing major works from the Baroque repertoire, followed by an intensive course in Prague where she served as Principal for a Baroque festival held at the Prague Conservatory. She also served as concertmaster on various occasions while touring with the Orchestra del Conservatorio di Parma to major theaters in Italy. 

In 2013 she had her debut as soloist for the festival “Il Testo Tradito. La ciaccona di Bach” held at the Auditorium del Carmine in Parma where she performed a Chaccone composed for her by Lilian Comuzzo along with Bach’s Chaccone. The next summer she performed a Solo Recital at the “Rocca di luna” Festival in the magnificent castle in Montefiore Conca. 


In 2016 Marie moved to Boston to deepen her musical studies at Boston Conservatory at Berklee under the guidance of Markus Placci. There she spent two years of intense training with exposure to a variety of activities and repertoire, such as collaborating with composers in writing music, performing challenging works by contemporary composers, deepening her knowledge and performance skills of major solo and chamber repertoire, along with discovering unknown composers and bringing them to light. While at Boston Conservatory at Berklee she served as Concertmaster and as Principle Second at the Boston Conservatory Orchestra and the Opera Orchestra and was selected for the Honor Chamber Concert. 


Aside of traditional western classical repertoire Marie found other ways to deeply enjoy music such as create her own music through improvisation and writing songs, singing, playing kletzmer and traditional folk music. While in Boston she performed in venues such as Sander Theater and Jordan Hall. 


Marie has participated in various solo and chamber master classes held by musicians such as Eugene Friesen, Tony Arnold, Pierpaolo Maurizzi, Yves Savary, Hugo Ticciati, Judith Eisenberg, Rhonda Rider, Marco Fornaciari, Giacomo Scarponi, Kathryn Lockwood, Cookie Segelstein, Alexander Mandl, Tracy Silverman, Alison Wedding and Katy Lansdale.


After receiving her Graduate performance Diploma she moved to New Haven, CT where she further deepens her studies of music while performing with local orchestra and teaching violin and voice. 

This is the Ciaccona that my sister Lilian dedicated to me in 2013, in some ways the hardest year of my life. 

This piece brought to me new hope and showed me that beauty and surprises can come to us especially when we feel as we lost the way. This music represent to me the discrepancy of life and the magic coming from keeping trying and keeping going regardless of adversities and sorrows. 

I feel deeply grateful for this video recording, produced by  Simon Brückner, and for being given the opportunity to debut as solo performer in such special way in October 2013 performing both Lilian's Chaccone and Bach's chaccone in the festival "La Ciaccona. Il Testo tradito" in Parma Italy. 


"You use a glass of mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul."

G. Bernard

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